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Marathon training begins… with a bump!

yorkshire marathon logoI finally did it! No, not the marathon. That’s not until October. No, I finally sat down and drew up a schedule for the Yorkshire Marathon. And discovered I needed to start pretty much straight away.

Perhaps it wasn’t the best time to start marathon training, what with a cold lasting for nearly two weeks, a flare up of an IT band problem, then a meal out and plenty of boozing on Friday night, followed by beer and chips on Saturday. Yes, I know, my body is a temple.

Then I woke up on Sunday morning with a raging eye infection to go along with the cold and general malaise. I looked and felt like I’d been punched in the face. Still, it said on my marathon schedule that I was going to run eight miles, so I was damn well going to run eight miles.

That’s the great thing about marathon schedules. It’s there, all laid out for you, in black and white. Once it’s written down, it’s much harder to ignore, forget, or make excuses. I knew that if I didn’t go out on Sunday, this would be setting a very, very bad precedent.

So off I stumbled, intending to take it slowly. And so I did. Really, very slowly. Plodding along, I must have literally been dragging my feet because after a couple of miles, I tripped on a rock on the canal path and went spectacularly flying, landing flat on my face.

Bleeding from the knee, I got up and hoped the daytrippers on the boat coming towards me hadn’t seen my prat-fall. I avoided eye contact, just in case they were all laughing at me.

Still, somehow that spurred me on. A burst of adrenaline, perhaps. Or shame. So on I went. Reached the half-way point, felt in my pocket for my glucose tablets, and realised I’d left them in my shorts pockets instead. Oops. Better not make that mistake in the actual marathon, I thought, as I trudged home on increasingly empty legs.

Not the greatest ever start to marathon training, then. But a start, at least. Things can only get better… right? Hmm. Let’s hope so. I’m particularly not looking forward to August, when the long runs kick in at the height of summer. But I am looking forward to the Great North Run, in September, and I am actually, definitely, positively looking forward to the Yorkshire Marathon on October 20.


About Jenny Cornish

Jenny Cornish is a professional freelance journalist, a runner, triathlete and mother of two, living in Skipton, North Yorkshire. Follow her on Twitter.



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