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Running With Buggies: Safety Tips When Taking Your Little One Running

I always loved running but after having my daughter, I started to wonder how I was going to find time for it. I work from home to look after her but my husband works late ‘ by the time he’s home, it’s too dark to go running safely.

Then I thought, why not run with the buggy? It would get me out and mean my daughter would get some fresh air.

So, that’s just what I did. But, running with a buggy is much harder than running on your own and there’s more safety issues that you need to think about. Here are my tips for safety when taking your little one running with you:

  • Invest in a High Quality Buggy – I had to buy a new buggy for safety reasons. The ones that I had didn’t allow the wheels to turn and it was too heavy to go around corners. I did spend more than originally planned but I made sure the buggy was secure and stable for faster speeds. There are jogging strollers available, which are great for babies six months and older and are designed specifically for this task.
  • Make Sure Your Child Is Strapped in Tight – Running will cause the buggy to shake much more so strap your little one in tight (not so tight that she can’t breathe, of course!). This is especially important when your child is old enough to sit up in the buggy ‘ my daughter has a tendency to slouch to one side and I didn’t want her head hitting off the sides while I was running.
  • Pack the Things You Need – There’s usually space underneath the buggy for your belongings ‘ don’t hang the diaper bag over the handles! Make sure you pack all the things you need, including your baby’s changing things, food and drink for both of you and a jumper for you after your run.
  • Wrap Your Child Up Warm – You’ll stay warm while running but your baby isn’t getting that exercise. I started doing this in the winter so had to make sure that my daughter had plenty of layers to make sure she stayed warm ‘ it’s not like you’re just nipping down to playgroup and will be in a warm building for a few hours. When it comes to the summer, think about the weather. We’re slowly getting to the point where hats and scarves won’t be needed soon but I’m still keeping the fleece liner to make sure she remains warm. It’s also getting to the point where sunscreen will be needed soon instead of the rain cover!
  • Find a Flat and Safe Area to Run – Never run where there are cars nearby. I always take my daughter to a couple of parks in the area. The paths are more stable and there’s less chance of extremely high hills (for starting out, anyway). I don’t want to risk twisting my ankle or the buggy flying off in traffic.

Looking after your little one is the most important factor when running with a stroller. Invest in a good stroller, preferably one designed for this running. Now that I’ve taken running with a stroller more seriously, I wish I had invested in one but at least I have a high quality stroller that is lightweight and safe for my daughter.

About Alexandria Ingham

Alexandria Ingham is a full-time writer, blogger and mum. She got the running bug while at a military boarding school and now regularly runs with a buggy while looking after her daughter. She runs the blog Lose Weight with Alex, where she documents her weight loss journey to encourage others.



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