Lynseys Race for Life

My aim is to get fit, enjoy running and run a 5K charity run without stopping, eventually to start running in other charity races.

The Great North Run – wet, windy, and spectacular

I always thought the Great North Run would be fun. I was super-excited about the thought of running with Mo (or rather, running a long way behind Mo) and taking in the crowds and atmosphere on the […]

Running and weight loss – is it a myth?

I could try to pretend that my weight doesn’t matter to me – it doesn’t feel very feminist, somehow, to admit that I care about how skinny I am. But I do. However, I also […]

Bleeping idiots…

I have a question. For all those people who bleep their car horns as they go past runners – why are you doing it? Do you think you’re being supportive? Or are you just trying […]

Skipton Tough 10 – they’re not kidding…

When those hardy folk in North Yorkshire call something “tough”, you know it’s not likely to be too much of a giggle. So I’ve been wary of the “Skipton Tough 10″ ever since I heard […]

Running in North Yorkshire – hills, hills and more hills

When you first arrive in Skipton, the first thing you notice is the hills. This is the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales, after all. They seem to loom over the town from every direction; every […]

My body is a temple – running and beer…

Loads of different people are runners – but to my simple mind, they can be divided into two categories. There are the runners who are crazy about fitness, who spend their time thinking about muesli […]

Marathon training begins… with a bump!

I finally did it! No, not the marathon. That’s not until October. No, I finally sat down and drew up a schedule for the Yorkshire Marathon. And discovered I needed to start pretty much straight […]

The Terrifying Tale of the Scary Skipton Swan

There’s a scary, scary creature that lives by the canal. Runners speak of this legendary beast in hushed tones. They have stories of bravery and tales of abject terror to share, if you dare to […]

Trail running in London

In our green and pleasant land, you don’t have to travel too far to get your trail fix. But what if you live in London’s sprawling metropolis and still want to hit the trails? Finding […]